My favourite thing on the school holidays was going to my grandma’s  house because our cousins from Adelaide came over to visit. They stayed until Monday morning but I left Sunday afternoon. When they were here, we played games and other outdoor activities as well as with our friend and neighbour, his name was Adam. He was allowed to come into my grandma’s house to play Minecraft on his computer and we watched him played. Then we watched YouTube ‘TRY NOT  TO LAUGH’ and I didn’t laugh. Later on that afternoon, Adam went home.

Into The Cave

Once there were three brothers on a journey. They were out to find their dad and something called Ultra Sapphire. They were lost in a cave “The Cave”….

On the way they reached a desert, halfway, the had a brake to get hydrated. They finally got to the entrance. So they journeyed in….

When they got tired in the cave, they had a lunch break but all their supplies were missing. The cave started to rumble….. IT WAS AN EARTHQUAKE!!!!!!!! The entrance got blocked. Hours past as they were stuck and starved underground and oxygen was running low.

There was a shadow appearing… It was dad! As a matter of fact HE HAD A HAMMER!!!! (for some reason) So he smashed the blocked exit open. And his dad had the Ultra Sapphire! They escaped for good!…….

There mum was so proud and happy and they were all rich.



E n d

Jason’s Digestive System Incursion

In our incursion of the digestive system we got to eat a gummy bear to see our taste buds and how the taste buds do there work. The other thing we did was looking at how the oesophagus does it work we also did a game we had to say “Peristalsis” every time we pushed the balls down the stretchy thingy oesophagus looking thing, whoever won would get another GUMMY BEAR! Then we experimented the stomach, we squished the bread and water together like the stomach squishing the food. Next we got cocoa and poured the cocoa in the bag of squashed soaking bread.  At the end we touched ox tongue and pig small intestine.


                                                           THE END




My favourite book is Diary Of A Wimpy Kid 1 that is because it has lots of humour. The main character is Gregory or Greg. He is always wimpy and is in the need of girls. His older brother, Rodrick is addicted to heavy metal. Diary_of_a_wimpy_kid


The solar system



The solar system is a system that has planets. The solar system was created by huge clouds of       dusts going around a star, soon that star was getting hot and now it is called the sun. Then, leftover dust went around the sun and created the planets that are known now. Earth is the only planet that has living things and oxygen. The planet mars is the closest planet to earth. Earth is the third closest planet to the sun. It is hot in summer is because the Earth spins around and when it is summer our part of the Earth ( victoria ) is facing the sun ( closest to the sun ). The Solar system can be split in 3 parts. The solar system works by the sun lifting the planets and the planets spin/turn. The sun keeps Earth alive. Every planet has different moons. And every planet has different days in a year.


Mars: Closest planet to Earth



Neptune: It is the third largest planet by mass

Pluto: Pluto is a dwarf planet

Earth: our planet

Mercury: the closest planet to the sun

Venus: 2nd hottest planet

Uranus: Third largest planet

My excursion to the Botanical Gardens and Fed Square


As part of our excursion, we visited the Botanical Gardens as well as Fed Square. We travelled by bus, it took approximately 35-40 mins. When we arrived there, we ate morning tea. When I finished my food, I  then played on the grass.

Afterwards we travelled to see a smoke ceremony, we were able to use two sticks and had to clank them together and then a man called Ben came. He showed us three leaves ( I forgot the names ) and he taught us what they meant/used  for.

Next, a woman came to us and taught us about trees, she taught us what they were used for and how Indigenous Aussies used the leaves.

Then we got to make string, we had to split a leave in half and flipped it 2 times until there were no more leave parts left.

After that, we painted with our fingers. To make the paint you would have to:

1/Get a rock

2/smash that rock until crushed

3/pour water on it

4/then paint!

Once we did that, we had lunch and went on the bus.

We went on the bus to Fed Square..

A man taught us about the history of Australia and he showed us the Yarra river.