My excursion to the Botanical Gardens and Fed Square

As part of our excursion, we visited the Botanical Gardens as well as Fed Square. We travelled by bus, it took approximately 35-40 mins. When we arrived there, we ate morning tea. When I finished my food, I  then played on the grass.

Afterwards we travelled to see a smoke ceremony, we were able to use two sticks and had to clank them together and then a man called Ben came. He showed us three leaves ( I forgot the names ) and he taught us what they meant/used  for.

Next, a woman came to us and taught us about trees, she taught us what they were used for and how Indigenous Aussies used the leaves.

Then we got to make string, we had to split a leave in half and flipped it 2 times until there were no more leave parts left.

After that, we painted with our fingers. To make the paint you would have to:

1/Get a rock

2/smash that rock until crushed

3/pour water on it

4/then paint!

Once we did that, we had lunch and went on the bus.

We went on the bus to Fed Square..

A man taught us about the history of Australia and he showed us the Yarra river.


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