The solar system



The solar system is a system that has planets. The solar system was created by huge clouds of       dusts going around a star, soon that star was getting hot and now it is called the sun. Then, leftover dust went around the sun and created the planets that are known now. Earth is the only planet that has living things and oxygen. The planet mars is the closest planet to earth. Earth is the third closest planet to the sun. It is hot in summer is because the Earth spins around and when it is summer our part of the Earth ( victoria ) is facing the sun ( closest to the sun ). The Solar system can be split in 3 parts. The solar system works by the sun lifting the planets and the planets spin/turn. The sun keeps Earth alive. Every planet has different moons. And every planet has different days in a year.


Mars: Closest planet to Earth



Neptune: It is the third largest planet by mass

Pluto: Pluto is a dwarf planet

Earth: our planet

Mercury: the closest planet to the sun

Venus: 2nd hottest planet

Uranus: Third largest planet

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