Into The Cave

Once there were three brothers on a journey. They were out to find their dad and something called Ultra Sapphire. They were lost in a cave “The Cave”….

On the way they reached a desert, halfway, the had a brake to get hydrated. They finally got to the entrance. So they journeyed in….

When they got tired in the cave, they had a lunch break but all their supplies were missing. The cave started to rumble….. IT WAS AN EARTHQUAKE!!!!!!!! The entrance got blocked. Hours past as they were stuck and starved underground and oxygen was running low.

There was a shadow appearing… It was dad! As a matter of fact HE HAD A HAMMER!!!! (for some reason) So he smashed the blocked exit open. And his dad had the Ultra Sapphire! They escaped for good!…….

There mum was so proud and happy and they were all rich.



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