My favourite thing on the school holidays was going to my grandma’s  house because our cousins from Adelaide came over to visit. They stayed until Monday morning but I left Sunday afternoon. When they were here, we played games and other outdoor activities as well as with our friend and neighbour, his name was Adam. He was allowed to come into my grandma’s house to play Minecraft on his computer and we watched him played. Then we watched YouTube ‘TRY NOT  TO LAUGH’ and I didn’t laugh. Later on that afternoon, Adam went home.

3 thoughts on “MY HOLIDAY

  1. Hi Jason,
    I think your awesome holiday was fun. I liked when you watched Try Not To Laugh challenge on YouTube. I think I would have laugh because It’s funny when they fail so much but I don’t get how they get it all on that 1 video.
    Just keep blogging and have fun.

    From Joseph

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